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Family History / Genealogy


Beginner’s Family History/Genealogy

Please contact the centre for future dates

This course is aimed at anyone who is thinking about, or has just started researching their family history. Learn how to trace your family history with the aid of different resources. Learn how to research, find and view information then organise it. Start exploring a fascinating field that could become a passion. Have you ever wanted to uncover lost family secrets or create your own family tree? Or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for someone interested in the past? Most people can trace their family back several generations, and you could even go back hundreds of years. However far you go, this is the perfect way to start discovering your family’s stories.

During the course you will learn how to:

  • Identify different ways they would undertake their own research
  • Explain what resources are available to help them undertake their research
  • Explain who / what organisations can help them undertake their research
  • Know how to record their research findings and prepare a basic family tree chart

Contact the centre on 01427 677277 to book your place and find out more about your family history

Concession may apply, please contact the centre for more details

Improver’s Family History/Genealogy

Please contact the centre for more details

Following on from the Beginners Course in Genealogy (Family History) this new course over two sessions focuses on records before 1837, such as….
• Parish Records
• Parish chests
• Phillimore’s Records and
• Tax Records

As well as looking at Census Records in more detail and covering new sources of information, such as….
• Electoral Records
• Criminal Records
• Occupations and
• Migration
There are limited places for this course so please book your place early to grow your family tree.