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Interior Design


Beginner’s Interior Design

£15 plus £5 materials cost

Please contact the centre for more details

A great introduction to learn the basics of interior design. In order to create an interior environment, designers need to think about the form and functionality of the space. The form refers to the look and feel. The functionality refers to how they space will be practically used. In order to effectively blend form and functionality, designers need to rely upon many resources, guidelines, and professionals.
At the end of this beginner’s course you will be able to:
• Use a design diary
• Make a basic survey of room and simple floor plan
• Use of colour and lighting in design
• Create a design and use mood board to present
• Up-cycling and it’s benefits and use of soft furnishings
• Options of further study

Have fun and learn a new skill which can help with hobbies or future career.

Concession may apply. You may be eligible for support with the material costs for this course. Please contact the centre for further details