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Touch Typing

touch type

Touch typing is fast becoming an essential life skill.

As well as saving time through fast and accurate work, touch typing develops hand / eye coordination, encourages good posture and helps to prevent repetitive strain injury.

It’s perfect for beginners who are new to a computer, as well as those who have used computers for years but have never learned to type properly.

Most people use a computer to create business letters, reports and presentations, but few have had any formal keyboard training.

KAZ typing course helps to improve typing speed and accuracy. The course takes, on average, just 90 minutes to complete and improve keyboard skills.

What will you get from this course?

When you have completed this online typing course, you will be able to:

•identify the location and finger layout for the A-Z keys
•touch-type words, numbers and punctuation keys accurately
•use the keyboard without looking at it
•apply your typing skills to your work.

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